Sofia Puppet Theatre

Sofia Puppet Theatre (14 General Gurko Street, Sofia) – this theatre, which organizes puppet productions, has more than 20 titles in its repertoire, performs on stage more than 500 times and prepares up to 6 new performances every season, showing high quality theatre for children and adults with more than 50 000 spectators annually.  Such titles include works by Charles Perrault, Wilhelm Hauff, Hans Christian Andersen, Exupery, Pushkin, Boccaccio, Tostoy, Shakespeare, the Grimm Brothers, Goldoni, Moliere, as well as Bulgarian authors who have long been part of the child dramaturgy treasure like Valery Petrov, Yordan Radichkov, Rada Moskova, Boris Aprilov, Ivan Teofilov etc.  See its website for info on upcoming productions and schedules: