Vkusnoto Kebapche

Vkusnoto Kebapche (20 San Stefano Street, Sofia) – this is a restaurant that foreigners go to when they want to sample Bulgarian cuisine.  The literal translation of this restaurant’s name is “tasty sausage roll” – which is one of its specialties.  This is a kind of sausage roll made of ground pork and grilled on the barbeque. It is a very typical Bulgarian meal and you could eat it at restaurants, or have it in a bun, like a hot dog.  Most of the grilled dishes are recommended, but definitely try the sausage rolls (kebapche) with some luytenitsa (tomato and pepper chutney – very typical in Bulgaria). Add French Fries to that and you have a meal.  The salads are good too and they are all typical Bulgarian salads. If you want to try other barbeque dishes, you won’t go wrong if you order some meatballs (kufteta) and maybe some grilled steak.